NAPALM STORM ”Harmless Cruelty”

Wormhole Death Records – 2013 –

Last year NAPALM STORM put their latest opus “Harmless Cruelty“ on the Metal market. The Spaniards are thereby supported by WormholeDeath Records.
Here is Thrash Metal the order of the day. Modern played, but nevertheless not too experimental here is offered a fireworks of emotions and energy. Accompanied by melodic little short of epic-bombastic tones in some places it arises here a very own sound. Delightful Thrash Metal riffs give the production freshness and definitely go forwards. They build the base frame of NAPALM STORM. They are indeed modern edited, but you pick in each note the spirit of the 80’s without thereby being too nostalgic. The melodic insertions give additionally innovation and loosening up. Here is stagnation a foreign word. The all in all eleven songs all move in the mid tempo until upper mid tempo area. “Harmless Cruelty“ receives by variations in speed as well as several solis an own musical face without denying the original roots. Prefessional and dedicated recorded you can’t grumble here also productional. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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