NAPALM DEATH ”Utilitrian”

Century Media – 2012 – U.K

More grind from the Masters of grind themselves. This time Napalm tried to incorporate some different elements into their material-like a sax on “Everyday Pox”, and some pagan/viking chanting on “Fall on Their Swords” & “Blank Look on Their Face”. In all seventeen trax of grinding madness with a groove, Napalm has released an excellent release, incorporating new elements to a band is hard-Napalm Death has done a great job with this. Some of my favorite tunez are: “Leper Colony”, “Nom De Guerre”, “A Gag Reflex”, “Fall on Their Swords”, “Errors in the Signals”, Napalm Are just the masters you have to hand it to them. I like the new little add ins not too much and it makes little differences in the musick. Can’t wait to see um live on this release. I personally have seen Napalm Death about six times, they were always good accept for the last time I seen um but it was the venues fault, no back line and it just ruined Napalm’s sound, but I love um live, Barney is a lunatic-running around the stage, the musick is spot on, so when they tour on the upcoming release-make sure you have been there before and that they have a good sound guy and equipment or it could just ruin the whole experience of Napalm.


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