NAPALM DEATH ” Apex Predator – Easy Meat ”

Century Media – 2015 – United Kingdom

NAPALM DEATH needs no introduction – everyone into heavy music has at least heard of them.Their legendary status as a grindcore originators is undoubtful.The beginning of 2015 saw the release of their fifteenth studio album called “Apex Predator,Easy Meat”.Russ Russel is the producer of this record and he has a good reputation as a professional in this business.

The album starts with the introduction “Apex Predator,Easy Meat” which is basically a mix of industrial sounds in the vein of SWANS,electronic beats and the harsh voice of Barney Greenway above all getting the listener ready for the sonic attack that will follow in the form of the first “real” track “Smash A Single Digit”.As expected,Mitch Harris shreds his guitar with chaotic grindcore riffs combined with more traditional punk/hardcore elements.The rhythm section in the face of the multi-talented bassist Shane Embury (who is also responsible for the lyrics in the album) and drummer Danny Herrera is solid as a concrete block but this isn’t a surprise either.The vocal duels between Barney’s growling and Mitch’s hysterical screaming are also present im almost every track.Each song is as brutal as it gets but “How The Years Condemn”,”Beyond The Pale” and “Dear Slum Landlord” are some of my favourites.My only problem as a whole is that after Jesse Pintado’s death,NAPALM DEATH continued with only one guitarist which resulted in a less heavier sound.No one denies the energy and the immense talent of the Birmingham legends but I just don’t like that much their sound as a four piece band.Despite that,”Apex Predator,Easy Meat” is a solid album that will delight the fans of the genre,especially the younger ones.


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