Demo – 2013 -USA

The Americans NAPALM CHRIST put in 2013 their debut demo on the market. It is distributed as a cassette via Goatprayer Records.
You can hear here Doom Metal mixed with several Death Metal elements. Halting riffs let the songs sound weighting tons and very depressive. Melodic insertions now and then let the listener come out at least for a short time of the pitch-black valley of depressions and hopelessness in order to fall again into a deep hole the next moment. By the change of emotions and different atmospheres the demo receives a certain alternation which becomes. The strong emotional growls still does one last thing to implement melancholy, despair and also rage musically. The forceful drumming reinforces hardness and coldness. The listener is captured in musical worlds full of emotions and hopelessness. Very dedicated and recorded with much blood, sweat and tears. I can pnly recommend NAPALM CHRIST. Listen to the demo by all means an judge yourselves!!!!


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