Italian Post-Black Avantgarde Metal band Nahabat is entering studio to record their debut full-length going by the name of Amor.Gnosis.Quantum (follow up to their 2012 Ep ‘Essence’). The Italian act’s line-up fronted by female vocalist Satya Lux Aeterna was recently renewed with the addition of Mike Crinella (already active with progsters Ashes of Chaos) on guitars, Adress on bass (involved in post-Black Metal band Deadly Carnage) and Marco Ceccarelli, an already established presence in Black Metal and DSBM scene (Deadly Carnage, Nostalgie, … DotDotDot, Dark Paranoia ecc.) behind the drumkit. The album will include eight tracks (two of them being instrumentals) and its release is roughly scheduled for the end of 2013. 
01. Gnosis
02. Amor Fati
03. Sol Luna Maithuna
04. Ex Astris
05. Tempel
06. Quantum Threshold
07. Shemittoth
08. Outro

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