MYHRDING ”A Legacy Of Shadows”

Unexploded Records – 2012 – Sweden

MYHRDING are from Sweden. Last year they put their opus “A Legacy Of Shadows“ via Unexploded Records on the dark scene.

Here is offered Black Metal with Pagan Metal elements to the listener. Dreamworlds full of beauty and darkness develop which enwrap and capture the listener. Sorrow and hopelessness perfectly implemented in notes. MYHRDING relinquish thereby of musical experiments or excursions in other musical realms. Melodic riffs which partially sail close to the wind to fiddling around and forceful bass lines build a dark musical base frame. The kept in the background, but nevertheless powerful drumming as well as the nagging vocals of vocalist and drummer Tomas Bergström still do one more thing! The all in all ten songs all move in the mid tempo area.Atmospheric parts enter here a symbiosis with hard, dark Black Metal tones which is bizarre and nevertheless intense. Very ambitious recorded and technical well implemented musical worlds. The gents are lyrically close to the Pagan Metal. MYHRDING show with “A Legacy Of Shadows“ that Black Metal can be quite melodic without thereby sounding too soft. Listen to the cd and judge yourselves!!!

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