Müşkülpesent – Namaste Selametle

In his first EP “Namaste Selametle”, Müşkülpesent releases two new songs in addition to his two previous releases and be the voice of yoga freaks and the ones waiting for retirement. You can find all kinds of music in that short EP ranging from, Turkish dance music to death metal, Punk to hardcore.

Lyrics: Barış Efendioğlu
Music: Barış Efendioğlu
Instruments/Vocals/Record: Barış Efendioğlu
Mix/Mastering: Erhan Kabakçı

01. Tüm Canlara Merhaba
02. Ankara’nın Entelektüel Ortamlarını Çok Özledim
03. Instagram Çıktı Çıkalı Sıcak Yemek Yiyemedim
04. Emeklilikte Taşa Takıldım

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