MURGRIND ”Journey through the mountain”

Deilvforst Records -2014- Germany

This is the first album of this project and this project is the one which reminds me the
most of old Mortiis. I haven’t heard any other project which was able of that. I am not
saying that this is a pure copy, it has enough elements of its own, but Die Hard fans of
the first Era of Mortiis will jump to the roof by just listening to this. Personally, as a fan
of this era from him, I like this and I must say that it sounds great because comparing to
(for instance) “The Crypt Of The Wizard” album, this album seems to be an entire circle
without end. The songs here go one into another which wasn’t the case with that album
from him that I mentioned. OK, I know that it was a compilation, but I had that choose
that one because it was his first one with shorter songs. The songs here are between 3
and 9 minutes and that is why I had to compare them. Off course, Mortiis isn’t the only
influence on the music of Murgrind. The soundtrack to the first Conan movie or even
Lordwind is also a great example what the listener can find here in the music. As a fan of
both of the projects and the movie, I can recommend this release to all the other fans out there.


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