Pakistan – 2014- Demo

In case you still haven’t guessed from the name,here we have a grindcore band influenced by the British masters Napalm Death.The interesting fact is that MC’s line-up consists of two guys: Sheraz Ahmed (guitars/bass/drum programming) and Hassan Amin (vocals) who are from Lahore,Pakistan. Not the most common place for a grindcore band. “Jamat-Al-Maut” which is “Congregation of Death” in English,is their debut EP which features 8 tracks of extreme music. The beginning is given by “Fuck Your Patriotism” which is a classical grindcore blasting track. Despite the fact that the drums are programmed,their sound doesn’t irritate like usually happens with that type of stuff. “Stratum Slave” and “Advertisement Overdose” show MC’s affinity for crust and powerviolence while “L.P.C.” is an oldschool punk/hardcore song. The closing track “Penniless Pride” is the longest one with soaring guitars and an ambient feeling which make it stand out compared with the rest of the tracks.
The conclusion: this is a very good release made by brave people who play the music they love despite the political situation in their country. Support them and hopefully a debut full-length will see the light of day soon!


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