MOURNERS LAMENT is a doom/ death band from Chile containing members from POEMA ARCANVS, MAR DE GRISES and LETAL SOLARIS. Christian Ibanez(Vocals) and Felipe Plaza (Guitars) answered some questions so that we know more about them…

First of all let’s have some introduction of the band. How did all this with MOURNERS LAMENT start? Whose idea was this?
Well, Mourners Lament was formed in the summer sunset of 2004. The main idea was to try to do a heavy mixture of depressive/ oppressive music, based on the older British trinity and other oldies, but with modern influences. You could hear doomy influences such as Candlemass, Anathema (OLD), MDB, at the first sight…

Why did you pick up this name?
This idea appeared on a stupid chat with Vincent Cavannagh (Anathema). We told him about this new Chilean band and the whole concept, and he came up with this name, which is also an amazing Candlemass song.

In the band we have members of other known bands such as MAR DE GRISES and POEMA ARCANVS. I’ve always wondered why musicians have to be involved in more than one band. I mean if the style is more or less the same (MOURNERS LAMENT and the other bands I mentioned are into doom metal mostly) why do you want to express your ideas in more than one band?
Well, an important matter here is friendship. There was a kind of “break up” in ML last year, so we decided (Felipe and Cristian) to include new members on the band. These guys really liked the stuff, and had the time enough. We started the rehearsals with these old friends (Rodrigo, Luis and Richard), and that´s it…I´m not the right person to explain why these guys decided to have another band. But I think that different kinds of points of musical view on a doom/ death metal band add a big quote of versatility on the creative process…and, of course, a big quote of musical experience.

Would you call MOURNERS LAMENT a normal band, which will do gigs, have record releases and act as a band or will it be a project?
I would call Mourners Lament a very intense doom/ death metal band. The fact is, that here in Chile, there isn´t a true big and active doom metal scene (as you can imagine), so we don´t have many places to have a good gig or good enough bands to play with. Last year, with the new stuff, we decided to put all our efforts/ senses/ non-life feelings to create/ record innovative stuff but always with the ancient vision of what a doom/ death metal has to sound like. If this sounds normal to you…we are a normal doom/ death metal band. But I can surely tell you that in my country, is very difficult to have a mid/ down tempo music band.

How’s the doom scene in Chile? I think there is a lot of bands there dealing with this genre. Does this have to do with life in your country? Are you somehow influenced by what you live?
It`s sucks ! But we have quite enough good doom/ death metal bands…Mar de Grises, Poema Arcanvs, Bitterdusk…great stuff and cool friends!

Have you thought of putting any other instruments in your songs (such as violin, cello or keyboards)? It’s a common practice for doom bands to put such stuff in their songs.
Nevermore… (we used that method on the past…)

Is there a specific band you dream to play with? Why?
Look, we all have our preferences. But It would be a whole dream to all, to have a Chilean Doom Metal Fest, with the bands I named before…and 2 or 3 TRUE and Oldies Doom Metal Bands from other countries. (such as Candlemass, Cathedral, etc.)

Do you think that the doom scene has hidden aces to be revealed in the years to come? Or have we seen and heard it all so far?
There´s a funny thing with all these “old school revival” thing. You know, in Chile, all these guys want to have their patches, vinyls and stuff. Obviously, this thing hits doom metal too. We all in the band have 15 years or more into the metal genre, so it doesn´t affect in our extreme music perception. Doom Metal, itself, is only an extreme guitar, a death bass and heavy drums…as long as these things exists…doom metal will never die!

Which countries do you believe have the best doom acts? Any preferences?
England. (Black Sabbath, Cathedral, MDB, Anathema, Paradise Lost,)

Do you think that female vocals suit or not doom music? When a female singer is involved, is this song still a doom song or it is getting more gothic or atmospheric due to the voice? Would you add female vocals in your songs?
It was in the past …. Now it is an abused experiment.

Some of the bands that started what we call Doom Metal, such as ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST and MY DYING BRIDE, seem to abandon this style. The only ones still faithful are MDB. Why do you think this happens? Why a band like ANATHEMA would turn so much away from what they did? Would you ever do that?
We are a small and honest handful of bastards trying to make some heavy/ oppressive music…the day that one of us wants to do something of those that you said….the Mourners Lament name shall burn no more…

Do you care if you ever become well known and earn money from your music or are you among the romantics who love what they do and don’t care if and what they’ll earn? Would you change something in your music in order to become more commercial?
I think that the previous answer has it all…

Some say that metal music and religion are enemies and that metal music praises Satan and destructs our minds. What do you believe on this? Is metal music only an artistic expression or does it really has to do with religion and preaching?
Now…out of joke… we are JUST BEER, FRUSTRATION & MUSIC!!!!!

When shall we expect a full record from you? What are your future plans?
Well, we have a deal with Descent Productions from Netherlands, (, for the release of a full length album lately this year. We are releasing too, the “Unbroken Solemnity” EP (with the old members) with this label, that shall be available on July 2007.

Thank you for your honest replies. Say whatever you want to our readers to close this interview: )

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