MORTIS MUTILATI – Nameless Here for Evermore

Naturmacht Productions – 2013 – France

The 1-man project MORTIS MUTILATI from France released in July 2013 his latest opus “Nameless Here For Evermore“ via Naturmacht Productions.
The intro gets along quite without any vocals. Backed only by spheric guitar sounds the listener is conducted into other dimensions. But, this calmness and serenity doesn’t last for a long time. The following song “Nameless Here For Evermore“ shows the true face of MORTIS MUTILATI. You can hear now Depressive Black Metal. Very emotional presented songs which seem to combine the pain and the sorrow of the entire universe. Pitch-black Black Metal base frames which show hate, hopelessness and nevertheless a lot of emotions unite with a powerful doubleblast drumming to a very expressional musical mass. Dark, icecold worlds arise in which there is no sun and no light. The set in keyboard passages rather reinforce this impression than that they straighten out the tense atmosphere. The all in all eight songs remain thereby in the mid tempo area. Macabre gives his all here! Pure despair and hate implemented in notes. At that much emtions and passion a cold shiver ever runs down your back. “Nameless Here For Evermore“ is a successful piece of Depressive Black Metal which will surely not go down in the general public of the other standard productions. Absolutely recommendation to buy!!!!


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