Morbid Flesh – ” Embedded In Ossuary”

Unholy Prophecies – 2014 – Spain

I wasn’t familiar with the namd MORBID FLESH until I received their EP “Embedded In Ossuary” for review.The band comes from Barcelona and previously the guys have played under the name UNDERTAKER.From 2007 they change their name to MORBID FLESH and in 2011 their debut full-length album “Reborn In Death” was released.
“Embedded In Ossuary” is their latest release and what you’ll find here is a total of five tracks (not counting the “Entrance To The Ossuary” intro) of crushing oldschool death/doom metal.The track after the intro is called “Charnel House” and it explodes through the speakers with heavy guitar riffs,mid-tempo drumming,pounding bass lines and the deep grunts of the frontman Vali.MORBID FLESH are influenced to a great extent by the Swedish masters GRAVE and the Dutch legends ASPHYX.These Spanish guys easily mix the brutality of oldschool death metal with the crushing heaviness of the early death/doom sound.”Rising of Shadows” is the fastest track on this EP but don’t expect any blastbeats here.This band plays it in the oldschool way,from mid to galloping fast tempo.All guys in MORBID FLESH know how to play on their instruments,especially the two guitarists who deliver some soaring leads amidst the wall of brutal riffs.All tracks are really good and in case you are a death meta
l fan then definitely check out this band!


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