Napalm Records -2015- Portugal

This is the eleventh album from Moonspell so far and I must say that I am surprised by
it. Why? First of all, it doesn’t continue where they stopped with their last album which I didn’t like so much. Secondly, there are a lot of non Metal elements in this album which go more to Depeche Mode and Sisters Of Mercy which are very welcome since they fit the material very well. Off course, this isn’t Moonspell from their “Wolfheart” or “Irreligious” times anymore, but Moonspell still have a lot to offer to their fans in 2015. This album isn’t also too Black Metal like it was the case with “Memorial”. If I would have to compare it to a recent album from them, it would be “Night Eternal”. I could say that this is an easy album to listen to. When I say easy, I don’t mean something like it isn’t complex or something like this; it is an album which you can listen to and enjoy it in any way. Just listening to it or doing something while it goes in the background. Of course it has to offer some complex parts, but not too much so that you have to listen only to this album while doing nothing else. It is hard to choose a good song here since they are all good. Sure, everyone will have a personal favorite song here. Mine would be “The Last Of Us”, “Malignia”, “Extinct” and some others. I am saying it this way just to not write almost all the names of the songs from this album here in this review. The songs here have also a lot of live potential. I just can hope that I will be able to catch them somewhere live to see it.


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