MOONSPELL ”Night Eternal”

Portuguese band “Moonspel” album that has lots of fans and albums sales. Their last album , “ Night Etenal”, is reached us by intense work of promotion. First of all, l want to say that forget about what people are saying or writing about they became like they were before or etc.. because these are just schmooze and not real. Don’t expect the last album as wolfheart otherwise you can get sad. Also you can be sure that it is not like sin/pecado. Moonspell is restored, they know what they want,they have their own sounds and tones.Ofc ourse their songs includes their old impress but it is not going back. It is chef d’oeuvre. To get it, it is totally a product of Moonspell. Secondly , The vocals are perfect as always., Fernando Ribeiro is one of the best vocal in the world, and you hear his nice voice in this can listen the whole album also even only for him. Other vocals, the name after Fernando is Anneke Van Giersbergen.His duet with Fernando makes the album on the higher step and Scorpio Flower becomes the best song in the album. Moreover, Carmen Simoes that we know from Ava inferi, contribuates to the success of album. Drum, keyboard and bass are played perfectly, cleverly by Moonspell. Furthermore, the guitars are played very pure without any unnecessery solos and exaggeration.
To Conclusion,for the album which has such positive comments “the Moonspell” is going with the strong steps in the drakness and we are watching them. Lastly, the album’s cover is made by Seth Siro Anton who is known from Septicflesh and to addition this , saying he made very succesful work and giving my highest point to them.


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