MOMENTUM ”The Freak is Alive”

Dark Essence Records -2015- Iceland

The Icelanders MOMENTUM are already since 2004 active as a band. With “The Freak Is Alive“ they released in February 2015 their by now second full-length cd via Dark Essence Records.
Not easy to consuming music resounds off my loudspeakers. You can hear a bizarre mixture of Death Metal, Progressive and Doom elements which generate the very own bands’ sound. The all in all nine songs range between doleful, hopeless passages and hard Death Metal. Thereby MOMENTUM conscious renounce of fast highspeed music. This would even ruin the dark, heavy depressive mood. Instead of “The Freak Is Alive“ moves in the mid tempo area which becomes the production. Weighting tons, diversified riffs make for the impressive sound. Along with the distinctive growls and lots of clean vocals develop oppressive musical worlds of bizarre beauty. The indeed kept in the background drumming nevertheless gives the main points. Here are musicians at work who exactly know what they want. Technical flawless recorded MOMENTUM show with „The Freak Is Alive“ their musical progression. A certain extent away from classical Death Metal this is an album which you don’t froget that fast. Absolutely recommendation to buy!!!!


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