MISTUR ”In Memoriam”

Dark Essence Records – 2016 – Norway

You actually need not to further introduce MISTUR. With a new vocalist and a new drummer and since April 2016 also with a new bassist the Norwegians released in Mai 2016 their second full-length cd via Dark Essence Records.
Finest Viking Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Folk Metal paired with hard Metal sounds in the mid tempo area. Supportd by synthesizer sounds which moderate a little bit the hardness without however sounding too soft. Therefor the strong-willed doubeblast drumming and the powerful growls of Oliver Oien cater for. Odes of bygone times and battles characterized by wishfulness and pride. The length of the single songs (from 7 to 11 minutes) give plenty of time for speed variations which implicate dynamics and a lot of energy. Thereby develops a wealth of variants as well as dense, epic sond ramparts now and then. Technically adept musicians who are able to implement their ideas and who are able to bring their instruments under control. Nevertheless „“In Memorian“ gets at no time boring. The perfect teamwork as well as the good production do one last thing to reinforce the general impression positively. Nevertheless you should take time to enjoy the opus and to get to know it in all its facets. Who likes Folk Metal with synthesizers or likes band like MANEGARM or AMON AMARTH should grab here by all means!!!!


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