Mist of Misery-”Temple Of Stilled Voices”

Self Released Album-2013- Sweden
The Swedish band MIST OF MISERY released in the year 2013 their 4-track EP “Temple Of Stilled Voices“ in in-house production.
Here is celebrated Black Metal. Thereby came out four songs which are pitch-black and are imbued with sorrow. Borne by melancholic melodies a symbiosis originates which is emotionally charged and depressing. Beauty and hate give a rendezvous. The listener is brought in bizarre worlds of ice and hopelessness of which there is no escape and has nevertheless its nice sides. Supported by a strong-willed drumming which supports the hardness of the production and emphasizes at the same time the melodic aspect. The emphatic vocals do one last thing that MIST OF MISERY find here their very own sound. By the long running time of the single songs develop here little artworks which can be discovered. They are compact and disclose therefore only after repeated listening its entire variety. Who is into traditional, melodic Black Metal should gain “Temple Of Stilled Voices“ by all means!!!!


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