MISERY INDEX ”Heirs to Thievery”

Relapse Records – 2010 – U.S.A.

Sincerely, I did not expect such a good album. After the brilliant “Traitors” I thought it was time for a small reduction in the form, that the guys from Misery Index will not be able to jump the bar bet the previous record high. Nothing could be further from the truth! “Heirs Thievery” is a record of at least the same level, if not even better. Very intense, diverse and brutal. This team is one of the few on the scene of extreme, that does not devour its own tail, does not know the word monotony and made his typical patent for death metal. Death metal influenced by hc and grind. This concept of mixing genres, again, brings excellent results. The first number on the album “Embracing Extinction” is a total destruction – a beautiful, “free” passage, a fantastic feeling, and rare in the multidimensionality of death metal (melodies meet aggression). All of these features are present in such every composition on this album. Of great importance in the perception of this album without difficulty means a tempo style of playing implicitly Adam Jarvis. Plenty of solutions, unique ideas, and also a huge precision, amazing lightness and play material simply puts into silence. Misery Index is a great band to both parties extremely fast, as well as unusual exemptions or moderate, otherworldly pieces like “The Illuminaught. Arrangement pieces are perfect, thoughtful, mature, without unnecessary sounds. I love not long solos, which also appears here, in the relevant moments of the composition. Drums with crushing fresh riffs are perfectly complementary. I`m glad for worked out good bass, adding a much “density”. Grip of the composition depends also on a professional vocal timetabled. In addition – style of growling Kloeppela and Netherton are both full of rage and clarity. That’s how they are chosen words, verses, “backing” vocals leave a trace in memory, and after repeated hearing of the individual parts simply wanted to hum under his breath. Sound, from what we encounter on this CD is not significantly different from that of the “Traitors”. Maybe just a bit more selective, but she remained very similar specificity. Moreover I have heard opinions that the new disc in a straight line is a continuation of its predecessor. It`s truth I think. Generally speaking, style of Misery Index goes in my tastes perfectly. Ingenious combination of my favorite genres in the “Heirs …” makes me close once again to recognize album of this band as the best CD of the year.


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