Misantrophia – Skid Row (Video)


Misantrophia is ready to shock you with the third single since their stylistic twist.

A desecrating song, a single of denunciation. With the Skid Row video, the band wanted to support the text with frames of guerrilla scenarios and uneasy situations to best represent a grotesque society full of contradictions.

Enne, the lead singer of the band, declares: “This song and its lyrics are nothing more than a representation of the brazen modern society, influenced by social media and the ease with which, every day, we have access to all the darkest aspects of the world that surrounds us, too often leading us to live in a grotesque scenario, made up of gratuitous violence, exploitation, drugs, hatred and misogyny as if everything were normal. This cannot be normal.

I wanted to use raw, direct and first-person words because I want this concept to be heard loud and clear to everyone, without gilding the pill or diminishing the problems we face, consciously or not, every single day.

We, Misantrophia, are for freedom of opinion and for equality, we are for a clean and equal world. We want to get straight to your head without turning around. Have a good listening.

Misantrophia is a metalcore band born in 2015 in the province of Brescia. The band is made up of Matteo “Enne” Truppa on vocals, Matteo “TK” Turla on guitars and synth, Ruben Magri on drums and Paolo Zamboni on bass.

After an album and two nu-metal/rapcore demos with lyrics in Italian, in 2020 the band decided to change genre by offering metalcore songs sung in English.

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