Mephorash – Covid-19 Live Performance (Full Show)

Taken from Black Metal Promotion’s Page :

To redeem the lack of shows this year due to Covid-19. We decided to make this special live event, which took a lot of sweat and tears to realize. We decided right from the start that we wanted to make this performance out in nature and this came with a lot of challenges. The weather worked against us and we met a lot of hardships on the journey to finish this live recording. We hope you enjoy the final result and that it will quench the thirst to watch us perform, until next year when we can go on the road again.

Video recorded by Heavy Groove Media.

Audio mixed and mastered by Lars Hultman Productions. –

Mephorash – Website:





1. King of kings, Lord or Lords

2. Riphyon- The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent

3. Sfaíra ti̱s Fo̱tiás

4. Relics of Elohim

5. Epitome 1: Bottomless Infinite

6. Sanguinem

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