MEPHORASH ”Chalice Of Thgirion”

Grom Records – 2012 – Sweden

MEPHORASH recently published their already second full-length cd via Grom Records.

“Chalice Of Thagirion” starts very epic till bombastic. Dark Black Metal sound frames unite with severe double blast drum thunderstorms to an unholy alliance. Relaxed by melodic, partially halting riffs these give the production sustainability and reinforce the dark, depressive atmosphere of the cd. The dark growls give additional substance. The inserted more slowly passages let the listener shudder to think and give at the same time the opportunity to tkae a bit breath. Be it even only for some seconds in order to fly to the pitch-black Metal world with full throttle. MEPHORASH offer here good home cooking which is however not boring or verbose. To the contrary. Here is really opened the throttle. But there are also given musically open spaces for changes in speed. “Chalice Of Thagirion” become a very energetic cd which goes forwards. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!!

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