Depressive Illusions Records – 2013 – Iraq

Recently the Iraqi 2-man project MELANCHOLY OF LIFE released the demo “The Silent“ via Depressive Illusions Records.

Afte a spheric introduction which already makes leeway into the Noise area it similar continues with “Extinction Of Morning“. Without any vocals only by the skilful compound of tones develop sound collages with a difference. Away from any musical genres and borders develop sounds of the very special kind. Only of synthesizers carried melodies which need no other musical instruments or vocals in order to make a lasting impression. The listener is abducted in other musical worlds calm and solid.which seem to be relaxed and not of this world. Calm melodies in the background burble almost noiseless.You can even hear calm screams. Nature within one’s reach packed in atmospheric sounds. The all in all eight songs all move in the mid tempo area. So, “The Silent“ is a a credit to its demo title! Who is into experimental ideas far from all musical drawers should listen to MELANCHOLY OF LIFE by all means. It’s worth it!!!

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