Self Production – 2016 – Germany

The German band MEISTER SCHEISZE have finally succeeded to release their first cd in in-house production.
After an intro which tells the bands’ origin in an amusing, very vivid way it gets straight down to the nitty.gritty. Very coarse Death Metal with a lot of Grindcore influences and prevailing German lyrics resounds off my loudspeakers. Interrupted by very calm insertions develops a very arbitrary musical mixture. Whereby the insertions remind rather of 80-ies Pop music than Metal music (for example “Urlaub From Outer Shit“, “Der Mit Dem Kot Tanzt“). Which initially seems pretty impossible originates to a great symbiosis which is a full service for the sympathetic fan. Thus develop independent songs which benevolent set apart from the other Metal mishmash. The lyrics deal with parties, everyday life things like coffee, sex as well as the favourite topic excrement. As you can see nothing which you can take seriously in any way. Nevertheless MEISTER SCHEISZE have sufficient rage, power and energy to be able to let rotate the neck mucle non-stop. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears. Get yourself into this hyphy musical journey. It’ s worth it!!!!


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