Worm Hole Death – 2010 – Italy

In 2010, I worked for Italian bands all the time! People who follow know that 🙂 Again, I introduce an Italian band: Mechanical God Creation. Band was formed in 2006, published a demo in 2007 and in September, they publish this “Cell XIII” album under label of Worm Hole Death.

I am not used to hear this genre from Italy, deathcore what the band is making. Production of the album is like brutal death metal style album, I become overjoyed with the blasting basses. They used a vocal style between brutal and scream, this style is being used with the genre nowadays and it’s successful. This brutal-scream vocal is supported with guttural back vocals. Song structures are made by both melodic death and core elements.

I don’t like deathcore bands’ sound generally, but I liked this album’s production. I like brutal death metal most, and this was interesting, hearing such a nice sound from a different genre. In fact, death metal is overpowering in the album. Suggested to those who want to listen to something different and nice.


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