Matricide – Walk into the Flames

Matricide drops single 'Walk Into The Flames' - The first 2022 release for the Tel-Aviv Groove Metal quartet. The band's previous cover single was released and distributed by Universal Music.

“Going for a unique and fresh type of sound, the band sets off to explore new grounds, throwing some interesting elements into the mix. The idea was to send the listener into a new kind of journey; something heavy and groovy, but at the same time a spiritual, thought-provoking listening experience,” explains guitarist Auria Sapir. “The title of our new single fits perfectly, it’s about walking into the unknown, looking for a way out of our comfort zone, both in music and in life as a whole.”

The single is taken from the band’s upcoming second full-length album, a follow-up to their highly acclaimed “When Random Turns to Fate”. It sounds just how the band described it: Heavy and progressive, with powerful melodic hooks.

Recorded in Sheva Studios Tel Aviv, Drums were recorded at the Keoss studio’s Tel Aviv, mixed by Priel Horesh (Walkways, Nuclear Blast) & Shahar Guy and mastered by Jens Bogran (Fascination Street Studios) who worked with At the Gates, White Chapel, Sepultura and many more.


2022 marks a new era for Matricide – as they continue marching forward, establishing themselves as a powerful heavy quartet.

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