MASS MASSACRE ”Repentance In Gangrene”

Coyote Records – 2010 – Ukraine

Mass Massacre is an Ukranian band which plays brutal death metal. Their first album Repentance In Gangrene was released by Coyote Records. It founded in 2004 and they did promo and demo records but they started to come to the forefront after this album released this month. I run into them in a lot of blog, after Coyote Records sent me theri promo pack I felt like I have to give priority to this band.

One of the heritage of 2010 which is a rich year for Brutal Death Metal fans is Mass Massacre, I think. In the album, there is 14 song that will disturb all senses. Scary intros or outros that every song has makes listeners feel that there will be blood on a desert road. Hatred spilled out by vocalist completes angry drum rhythms that accompany guitar riffs which don’t take initiative even for a second. Drowning In To Carnage is giving an information about the sound of the album while giving us peace and making us question this peace by effect a punch into our faces. Same situation manifest itself with scourge sounds in outro part of Dehumanized. Hopeless Civilization, Vomited Society ve Invitation To Grave are one of the most remarkable songs, to me. Album cover is like a horror movie poster and very well. It has been done with contribution of a Turk named Cem Çelik. It’s written in album cover.

It’s not a different B.D.M band and nothing new about them. But they follow the line about what has to be done nicely. I always appreciate East Europian bands fort his reason.


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