MASS CRYSIS ”Die Totale”

Self-released – 2013 – Italy

The Italians MASS CRYSIS put recently their debut EP “Die Totale“ on the metal market in in-house production.

MASS CRYSIS play genuine Old School Thrash Metal. Loud, dirty and of brimming over energy. Typical Thrash Metal riffs whch are played once in a while slower in order to continue the next moment with full throttle. The all in all four songs go definitely forwards and move all in the mid tempo area. The gents show here their musical skills! You feel straight relegated into the ancient times as a listener which shall not count as a flaw. Nevertheless the songs sound fresh and unconsumed and not at all old-fashioned. Strong drums and the snotty, cheeky vocals of vocalist Jeffckott.make sure that the music of MASS CRYSIS is energetic and thrilling. Together with forceful bass lines the band manages it to transfer the original Thrash Metal sound into the year 2013. Very ambitious recorded you notice with each note the joy of playing of the gents. But, better listen to “Die Totale“ yourselves. It’s worth it!!!

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