Marrowfields – Metamorphoses

Black Lion Records – 2020 – United States 

The Americans MARROWFIELDS put at April, 24th 2020 their debut cd “Metamorphoses“ on the market. The cd is distributed by the well-known Black Lion Records label.

You can hear here finest Doom Metal. Slowly enhancing song structures which seem to be doleful and weighting tons. The clean vocals of Ken Gillis can distract only a little bit from the depressive, hopeless basic mood. On the contrary: it rather seems to be reinforcing and doesn’t let the listener forget “Metamorphoses“ that fast. Halting riffs which are nevertheless diversified melting with powerful bass-lines to worth hearing, dark worlds of sound which have a lasting effect. Thereby the production doesn’t need highspeed or growls to impress. The all in all five songs are indeed pretty long (Between 08:30 and 11:59 minutes). But, boredom emerges at no time! MARROWFIELDS are successful in establishing arcs of suspense which doesn’t miss the point. Sternly, doleful and depressive. MARROWFIELDS created here a treat for all Doom Metal fans which will surely delight other listener, too!!!!


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