MARA-“The Reawakening”


The Swedish Vindsval aka MARA put some time ago his now second demo “The Reawakening“ on the market.
The intro “The Reawakening“ is very calm and spheric. Quite without vocals the listener is hijacked in a dream scape. But, the silence is here extremely treacherous! The listener is precipitous jolt out of his dreams at the following songs. Old School Black Metal through and through is now the topic! Pitch-black riffs which are independend and however familiar come upon icecold Black Metal base frames. Underpinned by severe drumming you feel straight relegated in the good old days of the Black Metal. Kept simple nativeness and rawness come good to light. Icecold musical worlds full of hate and misanthropy develop. Without heat and hope Vindsval contains the hate of the entire world within himself. Well packed in notes and tones develop very emotional songs how they can’t be blacker. It is here completely renounced of musical experiments or excursions in other musical genres which benefits the productions’ impact. Very ambitious recorded MARA are successful to take the spirit of the old Black Metal in the year 2013 without being too nostalgic. Listen to the demo. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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