MALNATT ”Principia Discordia”

Bakerteam Records – 2012 – Italy

The Italians MALNATT are already since 1999 musically active. Their latest trick is called “Principia Discordia“ and is distributed via Bakerteam Records.

Here is indulged the Black Metal. The all in all eleven songs come in pitch-black and cold, with high intensity. Melodic parts come upon the severity of Black Metal tones. Thereof originates a symbiosis of beauty and hate at the same time. Rounded off by powerful doubleblast drumming which moves in the upper mid tempo area. The production receives dynamics and independence by variations in speed. Very technical played riffs which are modern and nevertheless forceful give additional power and put a very own musical stamp on “ Principia Discordia“. This is yet confirmed by the arbitrary growls of vocalist Porz as well as the futuristic keyboard insertions. “Principia Discordia“ got all in all a very energetic cd which makes a lasting impression on the listener. MALNATT know what they want musically. They are also successful in implementing it. Who is into modern Black Metal tones should grab here by all means!!!

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