MALHKEBRE ”Revelation”

I, Voidhanger Records – 2014 – Black Metal

French black metal is often seen by many as a more select and diverse genre to listen too so its nice to see a band who can just let loose in the name of Satan and include some good old fashion self-harm, depression and suicidal thoughts for good measure. Step up to the plate Malhkebre, a Toulouse based black metal quartet whose I, Voidhanger Records released debut album “Revelation” seems likely to cling to the old ways! That said, there is little about the band’s sound that conforms to traditional black metal so belt up and brace yourself for a very bizarre ride! Right off the bat I have to say, I don’t like the vocals! Not only do they sound under-produced but the insanity they seem to spread whilst more original than some sadly spreads into the music to create an off kilter, often aimless barrage of ravenous, mental riffs. If you want a flowing melody then forget it, Malhkebre have two settings, straight up aggressive black metal power and mind fucking warped bizarreness. In truth it’s a decent album but clearly not for me but I’d say you should experience it at least once!


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