The debut full-lenght will be out in September 2007 both in CD and vinyl LP formats. The confirmed title is ‘Unio Mystica Maxima’, 9 tracks of mind-crushing, freezing, obscure and weird Luciferian Black Metal!
Here’s the tracklist:
01.Adveniat Infernus – intro02.Rex Bestia Fera03.In This Place Forever04.Unio Mystica Maxima05.Jesus Christi to the Lions06.Baphomet07.Fiamme Udite08.Dungeon09.Black Magic Mushrooms (Mysticum Cover)

The artwork of the album, currently under-construction, was created by Fabban itself, and the front cover of both the CD and LP versions by Marcelo HVC (Poisoned To Reality, Brazil).Before the full-lenght’s release in September, Malfeitor will release a special hand-numbered 666 copies limited edition split 7” EP with the norwegian band Amok (feat. Goatpromoter Lava, ex Taake) through War Arts Production (Portugal).

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