MAIGRA ”End of Process”

Self-released – 2009 – Poland

Polish scene is becoming braver in exploring new sounds and exploring styles that have long been hip than ever triumphs in the west, and, paradoxically, are not too popular in our country. Maigre derived from Lower Silesia attacked by the debut material, which should satisfy the supporters of progressive, unconventional sounds. At the “End of Process” you can hear echoes of so noble acts like Meshuggah, Animal As Leaders, Cynic given in the specific form of a climate. Music of Wroclaw surprises not only technically advanced formulations, but also the multi-dimensionality and … grip. The latter element is primarily responsible psychedelic melody that rips fantastically in the background of regular, heavy rocking. Therefore, one can see some analogies to the atmosphere that exists in tracks of Blindead. The aforementioned weight of responsibility is extremely well-ripped the rhythm section. Stand out above all lots of bass, sounding quite oryginal-up clearly and clangly. Also the vocal side has not been addressed with neglect. I like not only specific, color hysterical scream, but the layout and the way the party divisions of the music itself. An interesting solution was also publishing the same track “Devil’s Spine” in two languages version ​​- English and native. It is also worth napokmnąć about the video, which the band recorded the “Biological Death Of My Soul” – very professionally executed and interesting storyline. “End of Process” has set the bar high and I look forward to the full album Maigry, because as yet it is one of the strongest debuts of last years.


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