Lyric video for When the Wolf Swallows the Sun by WarCrown

Rising from the ashes of previous musical projects, Guitarist Caleb Byars, and Bassist Sin Scott was determined to make something great. After spending a few months together writing music and figuring out what would eventually be the WarCrown sound, they enlisted the talents of singer “Grisly” Evan Chance, and thus, WarCrown was officially born.

While on the search for a drummer, the pandemic hit, and WC was on a temporary hiatus during the quarantine. As the 2020 social and political climate deteriorated, WC performed sans drummer in the ‘Death in my Metal, not in my Streets’ Livestream fundraiser with other well-known Denver-based metal acts. The band finally found exactly what they were looking for, in legendary Drummer Angel Odinsson. After several months of further writing and recording, WarCrown exploded onto the Denver metal scene in the later winter of 2021.

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