LUSTRE ”Wonder”

Nordvis Records -2013- Sweden

LUSTRE is from Sweden. The 1-man project ist already since 2008 on the road musically. Last year he released among other things the 4-track cd “Wonder“.
You can hear here very atmospheric, of synthesizer sounds solemn Black Metal. The listener is abducted into musical worlds without lights which are dark and charcterized by Ambient. They contain loneliness and heart ache within itselves. The now and then interspersed vocals interrupt the silence. Very emotional vocals which fit in perfectly into the overall structure. Who does expect here growls and highspeed songs will be however disappointed. The songs have an effect alone by the synthesizer sounds and make a lasting impression to the listener. Conscious simple kept song structures reinforce and manifest the depressing atmosphere yet. Quite without guitars or other accessories “Wonder“ is a journey through space and time which is far beyond the genre borders. The listener has to take a bit more time time in order to be able to enjoy the relatively long songs. But, listen to the cd yourselves. I can only recommend LUSTRE!!!!


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