LURKING EVIL ” The Almighty Hordes Of The Undead

Razorblack Records – 2014 – Spain

The Spanish LURKING EVIL released at the beginning of 2014 with the help of Razorback Records their first full-length cd which is called “The Almighty Hordes Of the Undead“.

After a short, calm instrumental intro which gets along quite without any vocals LURKING EVIL show their true-colours musically. You can now hear Thrash Metal. Peppered with dark Black Metal elements originate the independent band sound. Wailing guitars as well as classical Thrash Metal riffs rekindle the old spirit of the genre. Snotty, raw and with a sound portion street attitude provided sounds which nevertheless can’t deny a dark touch. The all in all twelve songs move in the upper mid tempo area. They are very energetic and fresh. They literally thrill the listener and nevertheless doesn’t let miss the necessary bite. Technically adept recorded I can only recomment “The Almighty Hordes Of the Undead“ to each Thrash Metal fan!!!!


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