LUCIFERICON – “Occult Waters EP”

Blood Harvest – 2012 – Sweden

Swedish label Blood Harvest offers us the debut EP of a misterious Dutch band called LUCIFERICON.By misterious I mean that the only information about the line-up in their page in is that it features members from PENTACLE and DESTROYER 666.”Occult Waters” consists of four tracks not counting the intro “Infinituum” which is just a minute of meaningless noise.”The Temple of Lucifericon” starts with oldschool death metal power in the vein of first MORBID ANGEL records although LUCIFERICON don’t use blastbeats that much as the masters from Florida.The guitars deliver aggressive riffs and fine melodic leads.”Moon Over Fading Statues” begins with acoustic intro and then grows into a decent DISSECTION-like track.The same can be said about the other two songs – “Azazel’s Torch” and “Deathtongue”.LUCIFERICON mix oldschool MORBID ANGEL sound with melodies from the first two DISSECTION records and the final result is one good death/black metal EP which should appeal
to all fans of raw death/black metal.


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