LOST IN ALASKA ”Time Of Solution”

Dread Core Productions / Global Metal Promotions – 2012 – Russia

LOST IN ALASKA already play together music since 2008. The Russians published in September 2012 their EP “Time Of Solution”.

LOST IN ALASKA play Deathcore Metal. Veryf orceful bass lines come upon powerful guitar riffs. Solid Metalcore basic frameworks become with Metal riffs to an expressive musical mass. Thereby the riffs can be halting then once in a while be fast.LOST IN ALASKA play genre-crossing without thereby being conceptless. By the brining into play of different Metal styles here and there the production receives additional variety and innovation. The doubleblast drumming in highspedd gives additional drive. “Time Of Solution” is a very technical EP which is nevertheless sweeping and energetic. The powerful growls are yet the icing on the cake. There’s nothing wrong with “Time Of Solution” production-wise. The gents play technical proper and very ambitious. I can only recommend LOST IN ALASKA!!!!

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