LORD WIND ”Ales Stenar”

Wolftyr Productions – 2012 – Poland

The new Lord Wind album is the logical sequel to “Atlantean Monument” in my opinion. It sounds very much like the Soundtrack for the first Conan movie and from time to time it even sounds a bit like “Stargate” from Mortiis. Rob Darken (Graveland) got help on this record from Munruthel who played the some of the classical instruments here and did the female choir here on this record. This album is very relaxing in my opinion and it be used as some kind of soundtrack while you are reading some book which deals with that kind of topic or if you just want to make a break and relax from the things around you. As you can see, this is not a hard to listen album nor is it progressive so that you have to listen to it very carefully so that you won’t miss anything. On this album are 10 songs and they all going fluent in each other to say it so. None is in the way of another or that it sounds like it doesn’t fit into the rest of the material.


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