LOCKERSLUDGE ”Falling On Our Faces”

Self-released – 2011 – United Kingdom

Here we have a three-piece band from Torquay,UK,who release a mini CD entitled “Falling On Our Faces”.What you’ll find here are five tracks of sonic aggression which is the final result of mixing the heaviness of sludge with the power of hardcore.The opening track “Hiding Emotions” is a mid-tempo smasher in the vein of CROWBAR but with much more brutal vocals.On the other hand tracks like “Strength,Honour And Pride” and “Green Army” are smashing hardcore pieces filled with metallic riffs,shouting vocals and powerful choruses.The guys in LOCKERSLUDGE definitely have talent for creating brutal sounds and blend in a very successful way the sludge of EYEHATEGOD and CROWBAR together with the hardcore strength of TERROR and SWORN ENEMY.They are preparing a full-length album and I’m pretty curious to hear what their new stuff will sound like.In case you are into this type of heavy music then check this band out!


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