LOCK UP ”Necropolis Transperent”

Nuclear Blast – 2011 – U.K

Sixteen tunez from these grind master from the United Kingdom. The will be hitting the stage soon with Goatwhore on a tour coming to the US. Recorded at HVR Studios in Ipswich in, England, guest appearances by Peter Tägtgren and Jeff Walker (Carcass, Brujeria). I think my favorite song is the last one ‘Tartarus’ vocals are hidden in mish mash, song kinda has an industrial feel, “Accelerated Mutilation”, “The Embodiment of Paradox and Chaos”, “Parasite Drama”, “Anvil of Flesh”, and many more killer tunez on “Necropolis Transparent”. If you are a Grind fan then this release was made for you.


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