LIVYATAN ”Depths Of Phlegethon ”

Self Release – 2013 – Italy

The Italian band LIVYATAN published this year their debut cd “Depths Of Phlegethon“ in in-house production.
What can I expect? The bombast-epic intro with screams let already guess where the musical journey will lead us here. LIVYATAN indulge in the Death Metal. Equipped with several melodic riffs which nevertheless have hardness and self-assertion. The all in all eight songs bubbling over of energy and hate. Multi-variant riffs and a strong-willed doubleblast drumming which however never overlays the songs, builds the productions’s base frame. Refined with forceful bass-lines and powerful vocals originates this way the independent sound of the band. Energetic and thrilling is here headbanging non-stop the order of the day! “Depths Of Phlegethon“ receives additionally variability and energy by the game with tempi. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend LIVYATAN to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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