LIGATURE WOUND ”Undead of the Night”

Iron,Blood&Death Corp. – 2016 – Finland

The Finnish band LIGATURE WOUND released in June 2016 their opus “Undead Of The Night“ via Iron Blood Death Corp..
Death Metal of the illest style resounds off my loudspeakers. Hard and relentless, straight in the face! Without any detours with a little short of inhuman fast doubleblast drumming which makes alone a lasting impression. The conscious kept simple guitar riffs fit in outstanding into the overall structure. They generate an ultra brutal sound which is yet reinforced by forceful bass lines. The now and then halting riffs give the listener however for a short time the opportunity to take a breath. Hard, strong-willed and powerful presented the listener gets here a full-service in the matter of Death Metal. The dark growls give additionally the main points in order to don’t let disperse “Undead Of the Night“ into the dark musical mishmash of many bands. Listen to the cd preferably yourselves and build your personal opinion!!!!


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