LETHAL HALO ”Process of Progress”

Lethal Halo has to be a familiar name for Extreminal visitors by now, their interview was recently published and I had reviewed their self-titled EP last year.

The band’s debut full length album “Process of Progress” has been published independently, in digipack format.

Lethal Halo presents a much cleaner and more successful production compared to their EP. I have mentioned their style as “melodic metal” previously. It might make more sense to say that they are a heavy metal band with clean and brutal vocals rather than melodic death metal band. Even though the parts with clean vocals reminds of metalcore bands, there is no other similarity in musical terms. Their guitar solos are much more satisfactory and it is an album that is pleasant to listen to.

Compared to their EP, it reflects the soul of the music much better. I think Lethal Halo is a band that can make you feel their music, people who are related to music can understand what I mean.

I would suggest you to listen to the album with high volume and hear the details.


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