LESHAK ”Chertovorot”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2009 – Russia

Russian band was formed in a cold Russian day, and they released their first product as a demo in 2008 and they released this album in 2009. First thing took my attention is handwork under CD, it is nice. I can’t give you more info, as it is all Russian 🙂

Generally the folk metal bands I listened to have black metal influence, but I heard death metal influence in Leshak. Album starts with a cold intro with typical folk instruments. You can feel death influence in vocal, guitar tones, even in riffs. You hear Slavian melodies in harmony with the lyrics, in lyrics they talk about Slavian culture’s dark sides and myhtology. Harmony between guitars and drums is good, and bass guitarist’s talent deserves some attention.

It’s a good album for the ones who seek for different things or who likes folk metal heavier, I liked it. They fit their local melodies to metal, especially death metal. I liked as a usual death metal listener.


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