LELAHELL ”All Insane…The (Re) Birth Of Abderrahmane”

An extraordinary production from Algeria is the band LELAHELL. The trio released in August 2014 their first cd which is called “All Insane…The (Re) Birth Of Abderrahmane“ at the label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.
Coarse Death Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Forceful and hard they let move the listeners’ neck muscle from the first moment. Thereby the gents need absolutely no technical experiments in order to arrive at the destination. Sheer Death Metal presented in an incredible speed is here rather the topic. LELAHELL sweep like a hurricane through the auditory canals. Conscious kept simple Death Metal riffs become along with the strong-willed and very fast drumming a deadly musical weapon. You can also hear slower, halting passages which are made way for by severe thrashing the next moment. These yet reinforce hardness and aggressiveness of the production and offer to the listener no real pause to take breath. The powerful, strong-willed bass-lines do one last thing that you don’t forget that fast “All Insane…The (Re) Birth Of Abderrahmane“. The dark, expressive growls which go partially into the Grind area yet give additional power and emphasis. Very dedicated recorded you should check out “ All Insane…The (Re) Birth Of Abderrahmane“ by all means!!!!


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