LEGEN BELTZA ”Need To Suffer”

Self Released – 2010 – Spain (Basque Territory)

This is me with the 4th long lenght album of Legen Beltza, a band of autonomous Basque territory of Spain. I might have listened to them before, this sound feels familiar but I can’t remember. And because of that, I want to talk about only this album. Technical and modern thrash is what we are about to listen to. You may see some Kreator aggressiveness. I have to admit I liked performance of vocalist Xanti and Ivan’s drumming abilities.

If I had to sum up the band’s style, they are between Kreator and Testament but sometimes they can get to extreme patterns. Their album, Need To suffer’s recording quality is very good indeed, you can hear all of the instruments. Killer guitars, aggressive vocals, killer basses and motorised drums…

Thinking the band released this by their own, we can tell that it won’t be difficult for them to find a good label, because they’ve been to many concerts. And I don’t think that any company would miss them.


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