LASTER ”De verste verte is hier”

Dunkelheit Productions -2014- Germany

LASTER are from the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 they published, after a demo, in November 2014 their first mini cd which is called “De Verste Verte Is Here“. It is distributed by the label Dunkelheit Produktionen.
It is difficult for me to describe the music of LASTER. Very spheric tones which seem to weight tons. Imbued with infinite pains and sorrow. Very intense and nevertheless melodic you can literally feel here the pain of the entire world. Unwieldy, edgily, the listener is taken into dark worlds. These are marked with death and darkness mixed with hardly bearable soul aches. Depressive Black Metal which goes to the limits and beyond. Slowly constructing songs which are back-breaking and at the same time characterized by morbid beauty. Thereby you have to be strong-nerved. It develop atmospheric worlds of sounds by the length of the single songs which are worth to be discovered. Very dedicated recorded you should take “De Verste Verte Is Here“ to heart by all means. It’s worth it!!!!


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