Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions -2013 – Italy

LAST WINTER I DIED is from Italy. In November 2013 Mist released his debut cd “Erensyrah“ via Le Crepscule Du Soir Productions.

It must not always be loud, fast tones which awake the listeners’ interest. Quite the opposite: You can hear here Ambient music at its best. Pitch-dark sounds which are spheric and somehow not of this world. The listener is abducted into a dreamworld which is unknown and dark. A listening experience with a difference which gets along quite without any vocals. You already have to bring along a bit of time in order to be open yourself to the all in all thirteen songs. But, in case you get yourself into this journey you will experience musical marvels which are somehow soothing and frightening at the same time. Only solemn by synthesizer compositions which can’t be more contradictory. “Erensyrah“ got sowith no easy to consume cd. But this is quite intended that way. Very ambitious recorded LAS WINTER I DIED implement here his musical visions into notes. Highly recommended for fans of Ambient music!!!!


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