LAGRIMA ”Hannibal Ad Portas”

Eigenproduktion – 2012 – Lebanon

A few days ago I reached a cd from Beirut. The band is called LAGRIMA and released this year their opus “Hannibal Ad Portas“ in in-house production.

The opener “Prelude“ comes in with calm, classical tones. Here develops a song to relax and for enjoyment. But, this is only the quiet before the storm! “Hannibal Ad Portas“ develops over the further course to a real Melodic Death Metal cd. Pitch-black, aggressive Metal tones generate along with dark kept simple riffs the musical base frame. The riffs are presented multi-variant and never boring. Thereby is utterly renounced of highspeed thrashing. The all in al nine songs rather move without exception in the mid tempo area. The steadily kept in the background but nevertheless powerful drumming gives varibility and freshness. Musical worlds develop which seem to be dark and without hope. Coldness and solitude packed in musical images. Thereby LAGRIMA doesn’t mark time! By skilful mixing of speed and sound frameworks come up compositions which move forwards and are innovative. The variable growls give additional severity and simultaneously sustainability. “Hannibal Ad Portas“ becomes a very worth hearing and ambitious cd which I can only recommend!!! By the way you can download “Hannibal Ad Portas“ for free! A further incentive to have a focus on LAGRIMA. Perhaps the guys will find soon a label which would like to distribute their cd!!

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